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Megiddo Radio | Jack Schaap’s “Fall” and The Cult Legacy of Jack Hyles

“A source close to the investigation said Schaap began an affair in April with a 16-year-old girl who was affiliated with the church’s Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, though she was not a student.”

“We became involved from the outset. There is an allegation that the pastor transported an underage minor across state lines for the purpose of having sex. The investigation is ongoing and rapidly unfolding. We have allocated a fair amount of resources to this. We conducted several interviews yesterday and are continuing those today. We expect to have a definitive resolution on whether to go forward with charges within the next week.”
–Supervisory Spec. Agent Robert Ramsey (Northern District of Indiana, FBI)

Schaap’s heresies from the pulpit:

“The truth is that [Jack] Schaap didn’t fall from anything. A cursory glance at his doctrine and deeds over the last eleven years would have revealed to any discerning Christian that he was a false prophet, a wolf, a viper, a dog, and an evil worker. Those are Biblical words. It is sad that he used the name Baptist but he was no more a Baptist than was Balaam. It is sad that he hurt many people and has misrepresented Christianity, but his preaching and practice plainly evinced that he was never what he claimed to be.”
–Pastor Bobby Mitchell, Jr., Mid-coast Baptist Church, Brunswick, Maine

“He [Jack Hyles] taught that backsliding is a necessary part of spiritual growth, calling this heresy “one of the great truths of the Christian life” and concluding, “If you are not as high as you
used to be, jump up and down and say ‘Hallelujah’!””
—David Cloud, The Two Jacks, Pg. 27

“My dad [Jack Hyles] lived a double life, one of a righteous family man and of a dynamic speaker in the public eye, but [another] one of sordid sexual secrets privately, secrets that only my siblings and me and my mom knew. He hated my mom.
Hated her. Treated her terribly. Abused her. And even turned his own children against his mother. We hated her. He told us she was crazy. We thought to make him happy, we would hate her too. Our home was so full of turmoil, hatred, stress, strife, and as a little girl, it was isolating, it was intense, and it was frightening. He had affairs. He had a mistress for many years, the wife of a Sunday School teacher. He built her family a beautiful home right around the corner from our house. You could see their family from our back door. It was craziness, living one way, preaching another.” — Linda Murphrey [Jack Hyle’s daughter]

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Megiddo Radio | Glenn Beck, Ecumenism and the Social Gospel

Paul will be discussing some of the news about Mormon Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love event and the evangelical leaders like Dr. Ravi Zacharias who attended his ecumenical Under God: Indivisible event.

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